Creating a PDF from within or outside of Acrobat

Acrobat provides so many ways to create PDF files. You can use the PDFMaker Add-on in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or you can simply open files (like .tiff, .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) from the Open dialog in Acrobat. The Adobe PDF printer may also be used to create a PDF file from any application that can print. On Windows, you have the option to select a file, right-click, and choose Convert to Adobe PDF from the context-sensitive menu or simply drag any supported file format right into the Acrobat pane. With all these different ways to create PDF files, you should be aware that Acrobat makes a distinction between the creation settings you use inside applications like Word and Excel and the creation settings when you open a file from within Acrobat.

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Export PDF to Word tips

A while back this question came up on

Users in our office using Adobe Acrobat X are converting a PDF to Word and getting paragraphs in text boxes instead of regular Word, free-flowing paragraphs. I have the same product they do, and when I convert to Word, I don’t get the text boxes. We are all using the File | Save As | Microsoft Word | Word Document method to convert. Are there any other settings that might explain why the behavior is different on my copy of Acrobat as opposed to others in my office?

In Acrobat XI, there is a little known button in the File > Save As Other > Microsoft Word (or File > Save As > Microsoft Word in Acrobat X) dialog in labelled Settings.

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