How to exclude a form field from the tab order

Recently while working on an interactive forms project, I had to figure out a way to exclude a button form field from the overall tab order of a form. So, after a quick search on, I came up with a great suggestion from Acrobat Expert Max Wyss. He recommended that you “bounce” over the field that you want to exclude by using a little help from some JavaScript.

To start, open the form field properties for the field your jumping from and click on the Actions tab. Choose On Blur from the Select Trigger dropdown and then select Run a JavaScript from the Select Action dropdown.


Click Add and then type the following line of code, where “myField” is the name of the field you want to jump to. Click OK and Close in the Properties dialog.


To test, simply tab through your form. This particular tip also works on comments that my be part of your form that you need to exclude from the tab order.

If you would like to learn more about form techniques in Acrobat XI check out my session on Adding and Editing Form Fields in Learn Acrobat XI on

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