Rotate multiple pages at once

When I came across the following post on, I immediately knew what to do because we covered this during the Reorganizing Pages session for Learn Acrobat XI on

When I combine JPEG images into a single PDF binder in Acrobat pro XI, some but not all of the pages rotate in the final PDF when they are in correct orientation in the preview combine files screen. It does not make sense and I then have to go through the final PDF and rotate individual pages slowing me way down. Very annoying, can this be prevented?

I’m not sure why the pages are rotated on import, unless the JPEG images are somehow defined that way but there is a simply fix even if the pages are non-contiguous.

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How to determine the dpi of a PDF file

This question comes up with some regularity on

I am in a print for pay environment and i am needing to know if acrobat 11 pro can be used to see what the dpi of a file is. Or does the file have to be opened in in design or illustrator to find that out. I am the production manager in a digital print center.

Technically it not possible to do this for an entire PDF file, because only the raster images within a PDF have a specific dpi or resolution. But, if you have the Pro. version of Acrobat there are some quick and easy ways you can check the dpi for individual images or all images within a PDF file.

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Copy and paste portions of PDF

Believe it or not, it was really difficult in earlier versions of Acrobat to simply copy/paste portions of a PDF back into the same PDF –  especially for scanned documents. Previously, you could only paste the area you were copying back into the same PDF by using the stamp tool – go figure. So when this question came up in the community, I had to let them know how easy it is to do in Acrobat XI.

I’m organizing some receipts. I scan a receipt for one file and scan another receipt for another pdf file. I want to cut or make a selection in one receipt and drag it into the first pdf file.
I tried making a selection for using the snapshot too and crop tool. I can take a snapshot and paste it into a word doc but not another pdf.

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